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Tek this out!

The radical world of Tekno Miles from the nearest streetlights, we stumbled into the abyss of a winding country road, following a convoy of dread-headed hippies, trackie-clad scallies and everything in between. Guided only by 190 beats per minute of pounding bass, we made our muddy pilgrimage to a sound system in a barn fuck knows where.  It was quite possibly the coldest place on Earth, […]

Oh Bondage! Up Yours!

REMEMBERING FEMINIST PUNK ICON POLY STYRENE  As we approach the end of Black History Month and nearly ten years after her departure from this dayglo world, now seems a poignant time to remember the legend that was Poly Styrene.  The little girl who refused to be seen and not heard rose to prominence in the late ‘70s London punk scene as the feisty frontwoman of X-Ray Spex. Their 1977 […]

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